No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

One night in, nothing too unusual, except for TJ sleep walking… Today we started our trip with the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Tour. For those of you who haven’t read the books or watch the TV series, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency is the story of Precious Ramotswe and it is set here, in Gaborone. The tour started with some about the history of Botswana at the Three Chiefs Memorial, these chiefs petitioned for Botswana to remain a British protectorate until they were able to claim independence to prevent being given away to a greedy business man. Back to the book, we got to see the places that these stories took place in and hear about the people… Yes the guide stated that many of the people and stories are real, even if Mma Romatswe is not. We saw the corner plot on Zebra way, and the location of the Garage, we saw the church in which she got married and the malls and hospital she visited. Turns out her favorite cafe has been redone and is now actually the restaurant we ate at last night. The restaurant the tour took us to lunch was a wonderful cafe tucked into a garden equipped with verandah and jungle gym! Steph, Brenna and Thea were even befriended by a VERY outgoing toddler just a table away. Before heading back to the apartments we walked past the parliament building and through main mall, which we will go back to later this week to explore the vendors set up throughout the square. The Janices prepared family meal for the day, and yes, we are all proud of JH for successfully assisting with the dish despite her claims at being a poor cook. The adventure continues to Camp Hill tomorrow!






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