Camp Hill, Day 1

We have figured out the wifi! Well, sort of… It just doesn’t seem to work for us between 6pm and midnight, so during our meetings, convenient right?
(Before or after seems to be okay, but if you’re trying to message someone here, now you know, between noon and 6PM EST it may be hard!) Camp Hill is a program for children with special needs that provides education and vocational training. We’ll be spending a few days here, but touring and observing was on our agenda for today. As we arrived we see a picturesque camp, made up of a many different size and shape buildings with boldly colored murals surrounded by gardens of produce, on a backdrop of the hills around Otse Village and a bright blue sky. After a very brief meeting with some administrative staff, we spent the morning in classes with the learners as they were going over topics such as math, road signs, computers, and animals (kangaroos)! Lessons were taught using what resources were available as well as teachers using their creativity and the environment around them. There was also a break for play time… In a sea of smiles and laughter the OU students joined the children in the courtyard for catch, soccer, ring around the rosie, piggy-back rides and hand clap games. (Cue flashback to the days of recess!) Many children were fascinated with the nametags and our hair as we all played together. Lunch in the tea garden was prepared fresh from the gardens by older workers from the program. Here plans for the next few days of our visit at Camp Hill were discussed. This discussion continued at the group dinner/meeting where Kerry and TJ were able to make us tacos using a stove with only one burner that got hot enough and the microwave! Another successful meal! Looking forward to our next few days at Camp Hill and learning more about the similarities and differences between what we see here and and back home!






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