Camp Hill, Day 2

Sorry about some delaying the post, experiencing some technical difficulties!
Our second visit to Camp Hill got off to a heartwarming start as the younger learners saw the van and ran to meet us in the parking lot, waving and smiling the whole way! They then sang us some lovely songs to start their day. To hear for yourself, check out the video on the Facebook page! We then were given a tour of the pre-vocational and vocational side of camp where the older learners work on gardening, arts &crafts or learn about independence with money, transportation, sexual risk management, and so much more! For a reenactment of the tour through pictures, please check out our twitter feed @OhioUinBOTSWANA! Before breaking for lunch we discussed with some staff members about Camp Hill’s next steps, things they are trying or want to see, as well as things they may need to make the plans reality. We have already begun brainstorming more ideas as to how, not only our programs, but also the university can provide assistance. All looking towards a bright future! After another lovely lunch in the tea garden, we split into separate activities for the afternoon. Brenna and Kerry bravely started out the trip’s inservices to the staff with an interactive presentation on ergonomics and body mechanics. At the same time, Thea, Molly and Michelle performed hearing screenings for several children. All the while, other SPTs observed and conversed with Rebecca, the PT at Camp Hill as she treated patients and discussed what she is currently working on. It was very interesting to see what she can accomplish in a place with such limited resources. The day finished with a couple of the OU students playing futbol on a dirt pitch with the older learners! TJ even scored a goal!! All in all, it was a very productive and informative day while at the camp; the hard work continued through the evening meal and meeting so as to keep up the momentum and continue planning for our last day at camp!







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