Last Day at Camp Hill

Friday was our last day at Camp Hill. We pulled up to camp and the young learners were lined up outside the auditorium, they filed in one by one, into their church service. While we may not have understood the words, the service was filled with beautiful singing from the staff and the children! (We have recordings but may not be able to attach currently.) The rest of the morning was spent observing and setting up for the afternoon of inservices. Lunch was extra special today! They prepared for us an array of traditional food including sorghum, spicy chicken stew, salted beef, and squash. It was a delicious treat, and a wonderful way to spend our last lunch in the tea garden! There were several inservices presented in the afternoon with the assistance of both Janices. Molly and Michelle spoke about communication, Thea discussed drooling, and Lauren introduced sensory integration. The group then split up as all of the students put together interactive stations for each of the senses! See the Facebook group for pictures! The presentations went great and the stations made the information fun for all! We learned a lot during our time at Camp Hill and hope that our inservices allowed them to learn a little from us as well.







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