A trip to Africa is not complete without a safari, so we spent the morning of this Sunday free day at Mokolodi Nature Preserve! As we were standing in the parking lot a canvas covered truck pulls up, each of the five bench seats has a three rung ladder to climb in order to pull yourself in. This was our ride through the bumpy trails of the preserve, we had to be careful to hold on to cameras and the seats tight when the terrain got rough! The first animals to cross our path was a group of giraffes, did you know they get darker as they age! We also caught glimpses of a hyena, warthogs, an ostrich, several types of impala, and some hippos (however they were so far in the distance that they looked like boulders, so that doesn’t really count)! Our tour also included a champagne brunch, college students love when food is included! It was located within the preserve in a thatched roof hut with an open view of nature in front of us! Check out some photos on Instagram (OhioUinBOTSWANA)!! We toasted to the journey so far and all that we have left to experience together!






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