Tourism and Tea Parties

Our first weekend in Botswana started off by going to Main Mall. Here vendors set up booths with many
sorts of goods from wood carvings to key chain, and candy to clothing and anything in between! Students explored the street and purchased souvenirs to bring home and remember the trip. Some super adventurous students even tried a traditional protein source, dry roasted caterpillar! See the Facebook page for the video! The afternoon brought more adventures as a group of students climbed Kgale Hill with the help of a guide, Ozzie. Don’t let the name fool you, this “hill” is a steep and high, rocky formation with a path that is just the same! The views at the top were definitely worth the work of the climb; you could see all of Gaborone and surrounding villages! JW, JH, Michelle and Molly also got to attend a fundraiser tea for Mariri clinic, a private Speech Therapy Clinic we will be visiting during our stay. Here they each were given the honor of speaking some and the Janices even got to choose the winner of the Mad Hatter Award! See the Facebook group for pictures from the tea! Stay tuned for more of our experience with the clinic!









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