Princess Marina

Tuesday we spent the day at Princess Marina Hospital, the government run, public hospital in Gaborone. We were told that for about 5 Pula any citizen of Botswana can be seen here. We split up between departments for the day and the PT students and faculty spent the day with the physios and the SLP students and faculty spent the day with Audiologists since the 2 SLPs were on leave. The department of 7 physios are in charge of both the outpatient and the acute care patients at the 600 bed hospital! We divided again to be able to see what it’s like in both settings here, as natural CIs they allowed us to help see patients in order to learn hands-on. A few consistencies throughout the experience that we noticed are that even though the wards are crowded and there are limited resources in both the wards and the clinic, the physios are very resourceful, using what they have to the highest potential and seeing about 20 patients per day (even though there are no set productivity standards, they just see as many as they can!)! A picture is worth 1,000 words, and I’m sad to say we were unable to take any photos other than a group photo with the physios, but this was surely an eye-opening experience that we will all remember for the rest of our lives!



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