Dumela, Gaborone!

Meet the group who made it to Botswana! Christine (Bean), Erin, Madeline, Tyler, and Alexa! 😀


We made it to Botswana and didn’t have a delay in our flights. Great, right? WRONG.

Our 15 hour and 45 minute flight was quite interesting. Madeline and Erin were sitting in front of a fussy baby the majority of the flight. Alexa was sitting beside the snack stealer. The guy beside her kept taking her snacks and giving her all of his granola bars. Tyler and Bean successfully beat one game of sudoku, but after they got to medium it got a little too hard. It was a long flight, but none of us can really complain.

Once we arrived we got picked up by Dr. Marape and his family who have been kindly taking us around to help us get Pula, groceries, and make sure we can still stick closely to our original schedule. Sounds great, right? WRONG.That’s definitely a positive but we’ve been struggling on our own. 15 minutes into being in our apartment at Motheo apartments, Bean and I clogged our toilet from the long day of flying. I’ll leave you with knowing that our toilet is okay now. Our bathrooms are all tile, pretty tiny, with a very dim light, and just have a toilet and sink. This morning Erin locked the bathroom door (it’s like a lock and key in the door) and locked herself in and was stuck. She started knocking on the door and yelling for Madeline and Tyler who were sleeping. They couldn’t figure out how to get her out. Tyler ran over to Bean and I’s door and was pounding on it, but we slept through it. Erin slid the keys under the door to try to get them to unlock it from the outside and was panicking. Erin is out and doing well this afternoon 🙂

Erin is okay, nothing else could go wrong, right? WRONG. As I was getting ready to write this blog I dropped by laptop on the cement outside and it dented a little bit, but it’s doable. Botswana just left it’s mark on my computer. We will be visiting the Princess Marina hospital later this afternoon to see where we will be working the majority of the time that we are here and going on a hike this evening. Stay tuned and follow our journey through my eyes.

Thank you again to Dr. Marape and his family for everything so far! We are ready for our supervisors and Kyle to arrive.




3 thoughts on “Dumela, Gaborone!”

  1. Hi Christine Hi girls and guys.
    It looks cold there. What’s the weather like?
    You all look Safe Warm and Happy. Let’s keep it that way. Love You, DAD


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