Just Keep Breathing

Well, the epic journey that began on Saturday July 30, 2016 has finally ended with Rebecca, Kyle and I finally in Gaborone reunited with the other students.  Wait, why do I hear a Peaches and Herb song in my head ?  I am sure anyone reading this under the age of 40 will have no idea what I am talking about.  Peaches and Herb, the song “Reunited”, never mind.

To continue the saga, we arrived after a 14 hour 56 minute flight in Johannesburg around 6:30 pm.  I have to admit the flight was not half bad, the middle seat was empty so I was able to spread out a little.  I swear on my next trip I am going to save up enough to go at least Business Class.  I will admit that South African Airlines has better food and better food choices, we received a hot meal once we took off and then brunch around 10 am and then a hot snack right before we landed.  South African Airways had snacks in the back of plane as well as soda and water.  You had to ask for a bottle of water and no snacks of any kind to be found.  Although I did see that in business they were being served petite fours.

Once we landed in Joberg, we had to find the hotel for the night.  Those who know me know that I am a proud card carrying member of the “Can’t find my way out of a brown paper bag club”  so I went the way we usually go which was wrong, I stopped a gentlemen who had on an official uniform and the next saga began.  He told us that “he and only he” could take us to the hotel as we had to walk.  Now, I had looked up the website and it said that the hotel was right across the street from the International Terminal.  I am tired and cranky and all I think is that the website lied and this guy is looking for a tip from the bewildered Americans.  So I asked how far, “oh just across the way.  If you want me to get you through customs faster get in the wheelchair.”  It is late and I am tired and I do have MS so I got in the wheelchair and away we go, getting through customs was a breeze, Kyle and Rebecca right behind.  We go out the door and lo and behold there is the IHG hotel in all its glory, not even 100 yards.  He insisted upon walking us up to the reservation desk all the while telling me that I should not ask anyone else for directions and that since I was flying out of Joberg on South African Airways,   we needed to go to Terminal B Kiosk 87, now I had not told him that we were flying out using SAA,but he would not listen to my explanation.  So I just nodded my head and said” ok”, knowing I was going to do no such thing.  Gave him is tip and away he went.  I was praying that he would not be waiting in the lobby the next morning, insisting on taking us to Terminal A  when we needed Terminal B.

The one hour flight to Gaborone was uneventful but upon landing we found that we had no luggage, so the plans for going over to the hospital were dropped as we were not exactly presentable for a professional visit.  Our driver agreed to come back and take us to the airport, so around 1:00 we started calling the luggage desk, no answer.  Our driver comes and we decide that we will have to go get at least one set of professional clothes so off we go.  Rebecca calls Delta airlines on the way and finds that 4 of the bags are there.  So owe go to the airport to pick them up , when we ask about the 5th bag we are told that it will probably be on the 4:00 flight and that they would call us, well we did not fall for that so at 4:00, our driver took Kyle back out to the airport and returns triumphant. Glory Glory Glory. Crisis averted.

Maybe the title of this blog should be Tale of the Traveling Suitcases…  at any rate… the group is back together again and it sounds as if they got along fine without us.  On to day three tomorrow.







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