Putting Knowledge in Action

Mariri Child Development Center is the only special needs preschool in Botswana.  It is privately owned and the parents pay a hefty tuition price, so the children come from a higher socioeconomic bracket.  Today only the speech students went and they quickly learned what the term “think on your feet” really means.  We had clients scheduled from 10 until 1 but the 10:00 did not show so the secretary brought in the child who was scheduled for 11, and that is pretty much how the day progressed back to back to back clients. from 3 to 5 we were providing therapy in 15 minute blocks, just enough time to do a quick assessment, interact with the child and write concrete suggestions. i think the students would agree that the highlight of the day was watching a little boy quickly grasp the concept of PEECS.  in 30 minutes he moved from choosing the picture from a field of four outside the book  to choosing a picture from a field of nine from inside the book. it was a great moment


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