Mariri Clinic Experience

Yesterday was by far my favorite day. I loved being at the Mariri Speech and Hearing Clinic in Gaborone, Botswana to assess all of the special children who attend that school. It was an audiology experience like no other.
We started with the patients who already have amplification. First, we saw a girl with a cochlear implant who we did a listening assessment on using the Ling 6 sounds and a picture book to assess identification. Following this we had a bilateral hearing aid user that we tested using the same materials, he did perfect and was doing really well with his hearing aids. Our last amplification patient was a child with a osseointegrated device. It was cool to do a listening assessment on his osseointegrated amplification and see that he was at the sound awareness level. This was my first assessment with a person who was at the initial stages of auditory development. I wish that I lived here solely for the fact that I could continue to work through the stages of auditory development with this child and help him get entirely through the process. It was amazing to see how sound awareness can be assessed. After that audiology did 6 hours of hearing screenings that were non-stop. Needless to say, between the SLPs, AUDs, and PT we were all pretty exhausted and quite on the way home. Now we are off to give our presentation on Sensory Integration disorders to the parents and guests of the Marari Clinic tea.



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