A week of false starts but strong finishes

I can say  without hesitation that the beginning of this  week  is one that I would not wish to repeat again in this lifetime.  It started off more than just an irritation, but the students were great and if they did panic they did not let us know.  The days at Princess Marina and Mariri Child Development center were fantastic, the students demonstrated IPP in the best way possible through discussion and exchange.  The Tea party fund raiser for the clinic provided the students an opportunity to yet again demonstrate their strong leadership and presentation skills but the best skills were their dance skills when the singer Shanti Lo performed.  Shanti Lo was very interested in the power presentation on sensory integration that the students presented as he is looking to partner more closely with the clinic to make special education for special needs children a priority in Botswana.  Today , after another false start, we  finished off the week with a cultural tour of Mmankgodi Village home of the Bushmen rock paintings, the David Livingston tree and the Bahurutshe Cultural Lodge. I had been told by our transportation company that we did not need an appointment, we just needed to show up, that however was not true.  The woman who coordinates the event graciously pulled together some of the other women and they were able to provide us with a great program.   I am always fascinated by the history of the Batswana people, today we met a Grandmother (elder) what told us that a few years ago, she and her fellow widows decided that they needed to teach the younger generation about the old ways of the Batswana people.  She really gave our driver and his wife “what for” about the way they live today.  After the tour we were treated to  a traditional meal of Pap, Sorghum,

Chicken, Pa Pa bread, Shredded beef, Greens and Gravy.  Overall a great week, just three more days in Gaborone


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