Stay Hydrated

The Marari tea went well and was a huge success. Our presentation on sensory issues was well received by parents and many said they found it helpful. We also got the meet the Afro Jazz sensation in Botswana, Shanti Lo, who performed some of his famous songs and was there as a new partner for the Marari Clinic and Ambrose Trust organization. I encourage you to google Shanti Lo and you can listen to some of his music directly on the search page. It was very enjoyable! After the tea was finished, there was lots of music and dancing with the parents and kids. All of us students were exhausted, but collected so many memories and pictures that we will hold close to us forever.

This morning we went to the cultural village tour, that you apparently need an appointment for. Well, needless to say we did not know we needed an appointment. It ended up working out well because we got to go and explore some of the historic rock paintings that are still around from 2000 years ago, and also to see the Livingston tree which used to serve as a hospital, school, and church. It was absolutely stunning. After we visited these two things we went back to the cultural village and were able to eat a traditional meal. It was very delicious! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and it was nice to have a day off to explore.

Although, Tyler and I have learned one HUGE lesson today. We need to stay hydrated. Everyone is shopping at Game City right now, and him and I are home because we got dehydrated and aren’t feeling well. Hopefully some rest will do the trick!



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