City Tour of Botswana

It was city tour day in Botswana!

Yesterday, we drove around Botswana and had multiple stops to dive deeper into the city and their culture. Our first stop was driving through the University of Botswana. This was interesting for us because we all caught ourselves comparing the campus to OU. We saw both run down buildings and some extremely nice ones. The campus overall is growing and expanding in both buildings and career opportunities.

Our next stop was the visual arts center. Driving up to the center, they have different animals and plants made out of different metals and wires. Immediately we were attracted to the booth where you could play music. Kailey and I were able to show off our music abilities (or lack there of for me) and play a couple things. Each booth offered different items that were extremely beautiful! There were paintings, quilts, woodwork, and sculptures. I think we all were bummed that we couldn’t buy bigger items because shipping would be so expensive!

The next stop was the dam! Wow! We drove just outside the city to get there. Technically we weren’t supposed to go in but the wonderful woman let us in to see. We hiked up about 100 stairs to get the most spectacular view of the dam and the city of Botswana! Since Botswana is a land locked country, this damn provides the city with water. Last year, the group before us experienced a water outage because their water level was so low. This year is a different story and the damn was filled with water! The president made a point to go visit the dam to pray and thank God for all the water they have.

On our way to our next stop, we saw BABOONS along the tree line. Wild baboons! We stopped to take pictures and just admire how close we were to these wild animals. Our driver told us we could feed them. So guess what we did? We fed them potato chips! We saw an old baboon with hand contractures and immediately our interproffesional minds thought we should refer him to PT! As a group, I think we collectively can see when to refer to other the professions so we had to relate it to the animals we saw!

Next we went to the three chiefs statue. We had a phenomenal and passionate tour guide to tell us the history of Botswana. Last year, Botswana celebrated their 50th year of independence and throughout the country everything was painted in their colors to show their pride! The three chiefs were the ones who asked queen Victoria for protection of their land and that initiated the process of Botswana becoming their own country. Along with the statues, they had 6 pillars to represent the history leading up to independence. The pillars are refuge, heroism, protection, endurance, global responsibility, and independence.

We ended the tour with lunch because we were starving! We ended up splitting up for this meal because a party of 15 does not get food quickly! One thing we noticed here, service is not fast and ask for your bill immediately when you get your food. While service takes awhile here, I must say we have all gotten to bond and know each other pretty well. It’s been so nice to get to know the other people on this trip. I can definitely say that I am so proud to experience this trip with them. I have learned so much about them, their profession, and how we can tie our professions together. Thank you to this outstanding group of people for making each day so fun!

Morgan Beul



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