Planes, planes, and automobiles

imageimageimageWe have arrived!! We were unable to post last night due to wifi issues, but we made it safe and sound! After over 24 hours of travel  (18 of which were in flight!) we finally made it to Botswana! During our long journey we started to make a list of all the little things we forgot, like shampoo or sweatpants or nametags… oh well!  The photos attached are: the group in JFK airport moments before boarding the flight to leave the country, the flight map displayed on screen only a few hours into the 14.5 hour flight, and the propeller plane we took from Johannesburg to Gaborone! And good news, the one piece of lost baggage is no longer MIA as of this post! After an adventurous van ride with 12 people plus luggage (human and suitcase Tetris) we got checked in at our apartments and got cleaned up. There was one minor smoky situation as JH’s hairdryer did not appreciate leaving the country, (but no worries, she explained our the motto of “be an oak not a willow”  be flexible and it decided to cooperate this morning!) Feeling refreshed, we went out and enjoyed a lovely dinner before settling in for a much needed sleep!   


The journey begins: July 27, 2014.

Students have been planning for months, and faculty have been working on setting up this trip for over a year! The flights are booked, the vaccines received and the presentations prepared. With passports in tow, the journey begins July 27th! The three week trip will be full of opportunities and scheduled events that will provide us insight into the healthcare system in Botswana and allow us to experience the unique culture of the wonderful country we are visiting. Follow us along the way on this blog, as well as on Facebook OU Botswana and twitter @OhioUinBOTSWANA

We're not in Athens anymore. Follow some Ohio University Physical Therapy Students and Speech Language Pathology Students as they experience life and the healthcare system in Botswana.